A.C.O.D. Meets the Broken Circle Project

If you haven’t heard, there is an upcoming  movie release called A.C.O.D. or Adult Child of Divorce.  The plot of the movie is, “Carter is stuck in the uncomfortable middle of his parents’ divorce. When his younger brother gets engaged, the seemingly well-adjusted adult Carter has to reunite his nightmarish family and is dragged right back into his troubled childhood. When Carter returns to the woman whom he thought was his therapist, he finds out that he was actually part of a study on divorced children and chronicled in a popular book.”

The good news is this movie will bring attention to an area that has long been untouched. My concern is the movie is a comedy and will miss the deeper issues and true healing that is available to adults with divorced parents. If you really want to know what it’s like to be an A.C.O.D. or you want others to know what you are going through, check out the Broken Circle Project by Karen Klein. Few resources I’ve seen have touched the heart of the issue and proclaimed the voice of the A.C.O.D. like this one. For anyone thinking about seeing the movie, encourage them to go to the Broken Circle Project first.

Click here to explore the Broken Circle Project.

Click here  for a review of the Broken Circle Project Book.



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