If You’d Known More About the Divorce Process, Would it Have Helped?

I am asking for your response to the questions below, but first this is why I am asking.

I’m taking graduate classes for a masters in clinical psychology. In one of our books, “Helping Children Cope with Divorce” the author writes,Divorce by Tony Guyton “Every phase of the divorce process will be easier for children to cope with if they have been told in advance what to expect and when things will happen. All too often children awaken one morning to find that their father is not longer living with them.”
” Parents can tell children about the divorce and begin an ongoing dialog with them once it becomes a firm decision and parents have settled on a date for moving apart.”1

Do you agree or disagree based on your experience? Would knowing more about your parents’ divorce process at the time have helped you to deal with it better? Is the author correct? Please leave your comments below. Thanks.


1Helping Children Cope With Divorce, Edward Teyber (2001). John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Image: Divorce by Tony Guyton.


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