Divorce Now or Divorce Later: It Still Hurts the “Kids”

Divorce Sucks! by Addie Willams 50The combination of reading an article on a pair of eighty-year-olds who divorced, being in graduation season which creates empty nests and the temptation to bolt for unhappy spouses, and a recent conversation with an adult whose parents waited until he was grown to split, urged me to offer the article below that was posted this week. It describes the pain adult children feel when their parents divorce later in life (commonly called gray divorce.)

For those who have suffered parental divorce as an adult, this article will assure you that your feelings are normal. I also encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings with God. The Bible encourages us to cast all our cares on God, because He cares for us.

For those parents contemplating divorce, “because the kids are old enough now,” please be courageous enough to see the truth of how it will impact your children.

Click here for the article, “Think grown-up children can’t be hurt by their parents getting divorced? These haunting stories prove you’re WRONG”


Image: Divorce Sucks! By Addie Williams


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