What do ACOD’s Think About Life, Marriage, and God?

Elizabeth Marquardt

Here is a powerful video by researcher and ACOD, Elizabeth Marquardt. She wrote “Between Two Worlds” and whether you are “religious” or not, Marquardt offers a vivid view of the lives of adult children of divorce. Click the link below to watch the video.

I’d also be interested in your thoughts. Does she capture the ACOD experience? Could you relate to the ACOD in the video?

Between Two Worlds: The Spiritual Lives of Children of Divorce


Encouraging Words for the Adult Child of Divorce

I have a family bush instead of a family tree.”  These words by Jen Abbas (Gen Ex. author) are shared during a powerful three-part program that discusses the issues that adults with divorced parents face.  Jen Abbas  and Elizabeth Marquardt (Between Two Worlds author) are interviewed and authors I greatly respect because they are adults with divorced parents themselves yet offer words that challenge in a real and encouraging way. Adults with divorced parents, relatives, Pastors, and friends will all benefit from this important look at an issue that is impacting millions of adults today. Click here to listen.

This interview took place before Jen Abbas was married. For an update on Jen, check out my 9/28 blog titled “Is Hope Realistic?