What people are saying about Kent’s presentations

“Kent’s presentation helped me to get the answers I longed for. His Father Hunger teaching opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself, and how my husband was the victim of my anger and self-destructive actions. I really learned about the love God has for me.”
Presentation participant


“Our ministry greatly appreciated Kent’s  teaching  and  presentation. Since we minister to college students we see  first  hand the  effects of divorce on students lives.  Kent’s teaching  has  helped our students  take a Biblical view  on their situation and  gives  them very helpful and  practical tools to process  through their  struggles.  Kent’s teaching is very  applicable to those who have  been  touched personally by divorce. Yet its also  very applicable to those  who  haven’t.  We all need to hear this teaching.”
R. John
DiscipleMakers, Penn State University​​

​”If you want to really impact people in their struggles, this is the  most important seminar you could host. The reason is so few people have ever  found closure and healing from the divorce that hurt them as a child. I was so  impressed with him providing Biblical solutions to the issues faced. If you want  to provide one seminar or resource to your church folks…  THIS IS IT!!”
​Pastor Mathew Vroman
​Eastside  Community Church, Harper Woods, MI


“​​He gave me answers to questions I didn’t know I had.”
Seminar participant​


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